Exclusive Buyers Agency

Allow us to cut through the chaos & provide seamless continuity when purchasing a property.

Lacey & Co.

Whether you are looking for the perfect family home, rightsizing or on the hunt for a great investment Michelle is able to assist with the purchase. As an Exclusive Buyers Agent, employed by the purchaser, Lacey & Co. will act on your behalf to source, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of residential real estate.

The process of buying a property can be stressful and overwhelming- Through our Exclusive Buyers Agency, Lacey & Co. work to assist in building relationships and providing a personal and professional approach, to protect your best interests, throughout each step of this exciting adventure.

Maximise Your Return

Buying a Home

How exciting! We make the overwhelming process an exciting adventure, relieving the stress, and the guesswork of the transaction. Lacey & Co. work to protect your best interests throughout every step of the way You also have access to our trusted network of professional property services to assist with the adventure.


Our lives change over time and so do our needs for living arrangements, Lacey & Co. are well versed in assisting with the process of finding the right home for your current (and future) needs. Whether it’s due to a new addition, or lifestyle changes, our personalised approach is tailored to your needs, and as your Exclusive Buyers Agent, your property journey takes preference.

Investment Property

Lacey & Co. was established to service our existing portfolio of investor clients fostered through the property development arm of our business group. We know know how to maximise your returns, minimise your expenses, and ensure your investment is working for you.

Cut Through The Chaos